Cornerstone Companies

Who We Are

Cornerstone Solar, Cornerstone TransCo and Cornerstone Energy Development are all privately held companies that have extensive experience developing renewable energy projects. With the help of many industry partners CS, CTC and CED have played a significant role in the pre-development and development of over 1,000 MegaWatts (1.0 GW) of currently operating renewable power. This 1,000 MW of power is spread over several projects and has provided many opportunities for Cornerstone Companies to work alongside US and foreign companies in the processes of securing materials, equipment, engineering, PV systems, turbines, and project financing.

In addition, Cornerstone Companies have worked very hard over the past few years to secure tens of thousands of acres (hectares) of land for proposed transmission and development of an additional 1,500 MW (1.5 GW) of renewable power. While these projects are in various stages of development, we continue to work very diligently with our industry partners to move towards our goal of producing renewable energy.

Our commitment is to meet the development challenges in the renewable energy and transmission industry. Cornerstone Companies will work to facilitate the development of renewable projects and make possible the transportation of green energy to meet the world’s increasing demand for electricity and help everyone achieve energy independence.

Working Together

Honesty and integrity are the core principles of each of Cornerstone Companies partners and all employees will be held to the highest ethical standards. In the development of any renewable energy project there are many parties involved and we believe they all deserve to be treated with honesty and integrity. Cornerstone Companies will strive to base all our relationships on these principals.

What Our Efforts and Teamwork Will Provide

  • Project Financing
  • Experience
  • Engineering
  • Industry Partners
  • Business Case Studies
  • Alternative Configuration Reviews
  • Procurement
  • Site Preparation
  • Project Development
  • Knowledge of Projects from Start to Finish!